What’s the Difference Between a Body High and Head High?

What’s the Difference Between a Body High and Head High?

With cannabis becoming a staple for those who would like to medicate naturally, there’s lots of questions surrounding what effects cannabis has on our bodies. The cannabis sativa plant is more then just your average weed, it’s a medicine. The indica vs sativa comparisons are a good place to start when maneuvering to a plant based regimen. But what’s the difference between a Body High and Head High?

Let’s imagine you’ve figured out which type of cannabis you’d like to try, and it’s an indica, what does the body high feel like? let’s take a look at what your experience might feel like while consuming cannabis.

Body High

body high, head high


A Body High is generally associated with a strong indica dominant strain, such as pink death and death bubba . The truth is any strain, whether sativa or indica will produce a body high. The “buzz”, feeling or high you receive from these strains can be described as a buzzing sensation experienced throughout the body. Indica’s are known to have more of what’s called a “couch lock” effect. Meaning if you have things to do and decide to take a quick seat after smoking a heavy indica, you’re probably not getting up right away.

This is why heavy hitting indica’s that produce a strong body high are suggested to be consumed in the later evening. Most users will ride the strong buzz from an indica into a good nights sleep.

The method you choose to consume your cannabis will greatly effect your body high as well. Smoking marijuana will bring forth a slightly headier buzz, while consuming in the form of edibles will put you in your seat.

Cannabis absorbed through your liver is processed differently. THC is converted in 11-OH-THC, or 11 hydroxymetabolite. This process creates a much stronger effect than smoking or vaporizing cannabis .

If you require a strain that aids in ridding chronic pain, spasms, headaches and sore muscles, a strong indica strain is perfect for a long body high. The after effects of indica strains leaves its users feeling sleepy, perfect for those who are dealing with insomnia.

Head High


body high, head high

Don’t let the word Head High throw you off, there’s so much more to it then just having your head in the stars. THC in itself is a psychoactive compound, so every strain can produce a head high. Typically tho sativa strains are known to bring forth the heady version of a marijuana high.

This effect can have many variations and forms. Depending on the cannabis strain, your pre-disposition to anxiety, paranoia, how much you smoke and your surroundings/settings, the effect may be completely different.

A “micro dose” of a sativa such as Jack Herer  or Blue Hawaiian , which is typically .1/.2 of a gram, will produce subtle cerebral effects. These can be described as euphoric and uplifting, with an energetic tone attached. If a certain project or task is at hand, most users will find that they will be able to focus longer and lock in more intently. A head high may also feel like a giant boost to your imagination. Stories that would normally not fill your mind start flowing to the pen and paper. Artists often find “inspiration” or energy for their work after smoking high THC cannabis strains

When bringing a lot more cannabis to the party, the head high may seem more like a “trip” then a boost of energy and clarity. High amounts of THC may lead to an absolutely amazing time that you and your best friends will never forget (or maybe forget right after, we don’t judge). The bountiful feelings of pleasure and euphoria can be describe as walking on the moon, or floating down a lazy river on a cloud.

The flip side to this is when too much THC gets in the system, feelings of anxiety, paranoia and a raised heart rate can be side effects. These will usually wear off rather quickly if you deal with the issue. Start by taking slow, deep breaths and finding somewhere you feel comfortable to lay down. Creating a safe space is key!


What’s Best For Me?

Well that question really has to be answered by yourselves. Everyone is truly different, and what suits your needs isn’t the same as mine. I prefer to have a few hits of a sweet sativa in the morning, followed by hybrids, and topped off with a potent kush when the nights winding down (which is a pretty basic regimen, but hey if it works why change it up!).

A body high or head high have distinct energy and sensations to them. Mess around with multiple combinations to find your sweet spot. If you require a stronger strain that rids you of chronic pain and anxiety throughout the day, don’t be afraid to consume a Pink Death . It’s all up to you how your body reacts to medication! For a wide variety of flowers , edibles , tinctures and concentrates enter here !

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