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What’s the Deal with Florida’s “Dispensaries”?

Florida’s 20 million residents may be forgiven if they’re confused about the upcoming vote on Amendment 2 , which would legalize medical cannabis. Didn’t they recently see headlines announcing “Florida Opens First Dispensary” ? They did (see the headlines). And they didn’t (open an actual dispensary). Technically, Florida medical marijuana “dispensaries” do exist. Also technically, what… Keep Reading


Colorado Poised to Add PTSD as Medical Marijuana Qualifier

DENVER (AP) — Marijuana pioneer Colorado is poised to add post-traumatic stress disorder to its medical marijuana program, joining 18 other states that consider PTSD a condition treatable by cannabis. A panel of state lawmakers voted 5-0 Wednesday to endorse the addition of PTSD to Colorado’s 2000 medical marijuana law. The vote doesn’t have legal effect;… Keep Reading


CBD – So it is or isn’t Legal?

By Abe Cohn, THC Legal Group The Legal Language Problem Legal Cannabis has notoriously been subject to a series of complaints and criticisms by the general population, some ridiculous while others are unfortunately, perfectly warranted.   One of the more common complaints our cannabis attorneys hear involves the seemingly purposeful attempt by judges and lawmakers to… Keep Reading

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