Cannabis Strains That I’ve Been Using for a Passport to Sleep Country

Cannabis Strains That I’ve Been Using for a Passport to Sleep Country

With the recent change in weather , I’ve been having a ton of difficulty setting a proper sleep schedule. All I need is a passport to Sleep Country sometimes. While for some it may seem easier to fall asleep when it’s been dark all day, the lack of sunlight in the morning makes me super lethargic. To compensate for my uber lack of energy during the winter (I’ve been taking Vitamin D supplements and other multivitamins to no avail) I like to have a little coffee in the morning along with a nice little bowl of something sativa. This then usually leads to a coffee in the afternoon and at least a cup of tea throughout the night.

I can’t really complain, because without my energy sludge my productivity would be abysmal, and we can’t be having none of that! What I do get in turn tho is those nights where the caffeine has decided to linger around my brain a little longer and sing songs at 1 am. To offset the beautiful symphony my brain is composing and give me a good nights rest, I’ll smoke a strong indica 45 minutes to an hour before I wan’t to call it a night. A few hits and a good book, and I’ll see ya in dream land. While most heavy indica’s will leave you “couch locked” or feeling tired, these strains are my favourite when it’s time to hug my bed.


Bubba Kush

This heavy hitter is a classic among the cannabis community. I’ve had plenty of time to get to know this strain, and she’s never done me wrong. Even for the veteran smokers out there, Bubba Kush is recommended as a night cap. This one will definitely take you to Sleep Country!


Death Bubba

Death Bubba doesn’t just get it’s name for no reason. This strains incredibly high THC level’s will put you in what may seem like a coma. It starts off with a wave of energy flow through you. Followed by an amazing state of euphoria that leaves it’s consumers in bliss. Death Bubba will not literally “Kill” you, but if you’re looking for a good nights sleep, this strain should be in your repertoire!



Rockstar Kush

Keeping along the Bubba lineage, Rockstar Kush  is a cross of Rockstar and Bubba Kush . It boasts some pretty high THC levels, making this strain a knockout. It has a bit of the “spice” to it with a pungent nose. The onset euphoria and uplifting feeling lasts quite a while, followed by the need to grab a blanket and pass out. Rockstar Kush will have you done like Jimi Hendrix after a 4 hour concert.


Pink Kush

If you’re looking to open up the appetite then fall into a food coma, Pink Kush has got you covered. All I can say is that Happy, Hungry, Sleepy is Pink Kush’s motto. I love the taste of pine that shines through with hints of woody flowers. It’s always gotten me to bed quick when I needed to pass out right away.


Tuna Kush

Last but not least, Tuna Kush is a favourite among those from the west coast. The second you open a bag with that dank and diesel smell, you know it’s on. This thoughtful and peaceful strain will leave you with a warm, tingly sensation. Followed by a heavy dose of the yawns and a 8 hour coma to top it off. Forget those sleeping pills, Tuna Kush will get you where you need to be, in dream land!

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Sourced From Herb Approach

Sourced From Herb Approach

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